Friday, November 30, 2007

Shallowness is just a descriptive word

So another day at the cafĂ©, I’m surfing through craigslist to see all the crazy fun activities that are offered in my local area. Then I see this one post in activity partners

WANTED: Girl Friend to drive on weekends

Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-07, 12:53PM EST

Do you love to dance and really enjoy the club scene?
Are you over 21?
Do you personally choose not to drink but don't mind being around others who do?
Do you have a valid drivers license?

A group of (strictly platonic) girlfriends in the Royal Oak area need YOU to join their crew!

We are seeking a 20-something fun chick who wants to try new Metro-Detroit Clubs and doesn't mind driving. If this fits your bill, we'll see you soon!

This ad says it all. They might as well state it as it is. You an idiot? Do you REALLY have absolutely nothing to do? Then come join us in being our pseudo friend as we get buck wild as you stay sober so you can be our bitch and drive our party ass home. Man, I wish I had the balls to make a post for my group of friends.

“A group of (yes, strictly platonic) guys in the Detroit area need YOU to join their phat crew. We are seeking some random ass guy who wants to be our bitch and doesn’t mind chauffeuring us all around Detroit. If you have no life, we hope to see you soon.”